Posted on Oct 28, 2011

The start of something?

Having spent the last ten years (more, actually) building a career in web development, in a large part thanks to the abundance of free information available on the Internet, I figure it’s time to give something back.

I’m self-taught you see.

Like most developers, the “Google when your stuck” philosophy has helped me no end.  Remember when we used to buy 4 inch thick books on SQL Server?  Well they’re now where they should be – propping up my monitors. I owe a debt of thanks to Experts Exchange, StackOverflow and myriad other forums and blogs which have helped me develop as, well, a developer.

Another motivation for creating this blog is a need to focus the technical track of my mind somewhere.  Previous tweeting and blogging was a mish-mash of music, photography, food, programming, politics etc etc.  All better left on Facebook where people who care (hopefully) hang out.  I doubt too many devs out there give a monkeys about the cod with Spanish tomato sauce recipe I just found.

However, I digress.

Here I intend to write-up some of the more helpful bits of code, approaches to problems, server configurations and generally interesting stuff I come across during my days at work.  Expect bits of C# .NET, PHP, JQuery, Sitecore WCM, Magento, Windows Server and Linux.

Hope someone finds it useful, and if you do (or don’t, or disagree, or whatever), hit me up with a comment of find me on twitter.  Always up for a debate, or some would say, an argument…